Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering

When it comes to your wedding, you want every detail perfect including the food and your wedding catering service. You’ve already chosen your wedding theme, and you know what ambiance and mood you wish to create at your wedding. Now it’s time to select a wedding catering service that can fulfill your expectations.

Brides are often stressed with all the details and planning of their big day. Having a wedding catering company you can count on is important. Here is your Step-by-Step guide to help you pick your perfect match (in a wedding caterer).

1. WRITE DOWN THE STYLE, THEME AND MOOD OF YOUR WEDDING. Do you want elegance, a party feel or country freshness? Before selecting a wedding catering service, you will first need to settle on a wedding style.

2. DECIDE ON HOW YOU WANT YOUR GUESTS SERVED. Common wedding venue options include a sit down dinner, a buffet (either elegant or casual) or a cocktail party. You may wish to have an unconventional meal such as a picnic in the woods. Ask yourself, “Can I accommodate my guest count with this serving method?” “Does this serving style match my wedding’s mood?”

3. RESEARCH LOCAL WEDDING CATERING COMPANIES ON-LINE. You can do a simple search on your on-line yellow pages. From this list, visit local wedding catering web-sites to see if they can deliver the style, service option and meal you want. Another great idea is to ask around. Can you think of a wedding in which you loved the food? Why not ask the bride who her wedding caterer was.

4. MEET WITH YOUR POTENTIAL WEDDING CATERER. Choose your top three wedding catering prospects, and at your meeting inquire about several key items. What style of wedding venues can they accommodate (sit down, cocktail party, buffet, elegant, casual, picnic, etc)? What style of wedding cakes can they create? What are the wedding menu options and can they customize according to your personal desires? What other wedding ideas do they offer? What are the prices and do those prices fit into your wedding budget?

5. PICK YOUR PERFECT MATCH. After meeting with your top three prospect, you are now in a position to pick your perfect match. Which wedding catering company can cook up the wedding style, menu, cake, budget and venue that matches with your wedding’s vision? Hire that wedding catering company.

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